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PUBLISH GLAD TIDINGS is a ministry that has been born out of an ardent desire to see the Kingdom of God break forth in an awesome way as we begin this new millennium. We believe that the KEY in this extension and expansion of the Kingdom on earth will be the LOCAL CHURCH, and the ministry of ordinary believers in Jesus Christ. It is the faithful, consistent, effective preaching of the Word from the pulpit of the local church, and the embracing and carrying of that preached Word into the world by the local church’s faithful believers, that will, in the final analysis, “hasten the coming” of the great Day (2 Peter 3:11-12)To preach the Word is to “publish” the Gospel; to serve in the surrounding world in His Name is to “publish” the Gospel.

In our ministry to the churches which we serve, we exist to enhance and promote their already established ministrieslike an “agent,” whose supreme interest is to make the client look good. Our desire is to help churches realize the incredible potential that there is for their ministry to accomplish great things for the Kingdom, and then to help these churches to transform this vision into reality.




The PRO-Active Church BOOKLET SERIES is a collection of booklets which are designed to support and extend the teaching of the three booklets of the PRO-Active Church.

This PRO-Active Church Booklet Series, which at present includes six booklets, is intended to provide teaching to encourage and equip and mobilize the local church toward putting into practice the basic teachings of The PRO-Active Church.

So, the three-booklet PRO-Active Church lays the basic foundation for a biblical understanding of the Church, and what it is on earth to accomplish; the PRO-Active Church BOOKLET SERIES then builds upon that foundation, toward building up the Church in the world.

To find out more, please visit the PRO-Active Church BOOKLET SERIES page, or click on the individual Series booklets in the SLIDER.



    Also, check out new FREE DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCES, of messages on great pastors and teachers of the past Church. CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC:




    We write and produce our own bookletscardsprints and other published materials, for use by individual believers, families, and churches, for training and equipping, so that God’s people may be well-prepared and motivated to serve in advancing the cause of Christ. Here are some examples of the wide variety of materials that we currently have available:

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